Luchadores of La Tablita

La Tablita’s A-team has set Thursday, 6 April as the date for its next Mexican fiesta; bringing a heart-racing and fun evening to the table with insight into Mexico’s iconic masked “Lucha Libre” superheroes, the Mexican form of professional wrestling.

Expect nothing less than a vibrant and lively scene at La Tablita, with mambo beats and live entertainment from Latin singer Edikson to get you into the party atmosphere! There will be screenings of old wrestling movies and colorful masks as well as a scaled-down wrestling ring for photo opportunities.

Contrary to the usual à la carte dishes, the Mexican fiesta will have a buffet concept with live stations including the Taqueria, a seafood corner, Mexican stews, Garnachas y Quesadillas (Mexican street-food bites) as well as Barbacoa y Consome de Borrego (a Mexican spiced lamb dish steamed for 16 hours).

The restaurant’s double-sized signature margarita, “Blue Demon,” has its name derived from the most famous Mexican Luchador. As a tribute to the Luchadores, “El Santo” (the saint) and “Mil Mascaras” (thousand masks) drinks have also been created for the night.

Tacos + Music + Fun = Life at #LaTablitaDubai